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Systemau Fideo Artel yng Nghynhadledd & Expo VidTrans19


At the VidTrans19 Conference & Expo, Artel will highlight its SMART Media Delivery Platform‘s network resiliency and operational simplicity with new software-defined functionality, feature flexibility, and integrated Layer 2 and Layer 3 network routing capabilities, which enable reliable and accurate video, audio, and data transport as well as interoperability with other IP-based solutions. Designed to attach seamlessly to the IP network without the need for external network elements, the SMART Platform supports SMPTE ST 2022: 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 hitless switching; QoS; VLAN tagging; and traffic management. The SMART solution is software-enabled, providing an easy and efficient platform for adding or upgrading functionality via software download.

Artel will also use the SMART Media Delivery Platform in a live JPEG 2000 Ultra-Low Latency (J2K ULL) technology demonstration with Evertz; Grass Valley, a Belden Brand; and Media Links. The demonstration will take place in the exhibit hall during VidTrans and will feature compatible implementations of VSF TR-01:2018 (released last June) between the four companies.

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Bridging the Gap for Media Over IP With Quarra PTP Ethernet Switches
At the VidTrans19 Conference & Expo, Artel will highlight the SMPTE ST 2110 compatibility and AES67 audio-over-IP accuracy capabilities of its Quarra PTP Ethernet switches. The Quarra family of PTP-enabled switches offers the industry’s most accurate IEEE 1588-compliant timing and synchronization. The switches support SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2059-2, permitting interoperable use of IP-based media equipment with conventional genlocked SDI equipment. They are RAVENNA AES67-approved and Dante- and QSC-tested. Quarra switches are designed for audio/video broadcast, defense and security, finance, utilities, telecom, and enterprise IT applications that require accurate timing and control.

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Harnessing Unmanaged Networks With the ARQ IP Streaming System
The need for reliable delivery of high-quality media over internet, lloeren, microwave, or other broadband services is on the rise in esports, broadcasting, campus networks, and other commercial OTT applications. The ARQ IP Streaming System from Artel uses Reliable Internet Streaming Transport (RIST)-based services for OTT video applications. Configuration of the ARQ system is simple, and users can scale up the system in single-stream increments to quickly accommodate new streams to deliver multiple UDP unicast and multicast services.

At VidTrans19 Artel will be participating in the RIST technology demonstration through the use of real-time, contribution-quality video streams exchanged over the public internet between Marina del Rey and Artel’s R&D facilities in Westford, Massachusetts.

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Systemau Fideo Artel yn ddarparwr o'r radd flaenaf sy'n arloesol ac yn fyd-eang amlgyfrwng atebion cyflenwi sy'n gwasanaethu marchnadoedd byd-eang. Heddiw, mae'r rhan fwyaf o ddigwyddiadau byw yn yr UD yn croesi cynhyrchion Artel i gefnogi eu llifoedd gwaith hanfodol. Mae arbenigedd Artel mewn technolegau IP-a ffibr yn ymestyn dros fwy na 30 o flynyddoedd ac mae wedi sefydlu Artel fel partner yr ymddiriedir ynddo wrth ddatblygu seilweithiau IP dibynadwy, sy'n seiliedig ar safonau. Mae atebion integredig Artel yn cynnwys amseru manwl gywirdeb, IP-a ffibr-seiliedig amlgyfrwng cyflwyno, rhwydweithio data, a systemau OTT. Mae Artel yn fusnes sy'n eiddo i weithwyr. Mae mwy o wybodaeth ar gael yn www.artel.com.

Mae pob nod masnach sy'n ymddangos yma yn eiddo i'w perchnogion priodol.

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VidTrans19 Conference & Expo
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Systemau Fideo Artel
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